Bringing new ideas to the Swiss Market


Our goal is to build a strong reliable and long-term relationship with all of our clients and suppliers.

Thanks to our rich experience and global network we support research of
business and provide new business opportunities.

Our team of professionals work with you to meet your exact requirements.
Our unrivalled network of high quality producers is strategically growing
across the world.

With an established client base giving Unimar SA a solid foundation, we are in a strong position to deliver preferential solutions.
Through adding value to the supply chain between producers and end users, Unimar SA is increasingly the preferred trading partner for our customers.

Reliability, capability and flexibility are embedded in the Unimar SA approach thanks to a deep understanding of the business across the team.

Decades of experience is coupled with an extensive global network, enabling us to consistently provide appealing solutions.

Unimar SA chose Switzerland in order to be close to customers across Europe as well as to harness the potential of this dynamic region.
A beautiful, historic country that is easily accessible by road, rail and plane.
Switzerland is home to many leading professional businesses that focus on impressive results for discerning customers.



The only Bio, Vegan, Without Gluten tortilla chips of Switzerland.

Natural, Great Tasting and better for You !

Available in 4 tasty flavours in a variety of shops of Switzerland:

Cheezie, Blue Maize, Kale and Spinach and Chia Seed



With over 20 irresistible scents to choose from, ranging from the rich and bold, to the sweet, fruity and floral, there is a So…? scent to fit every style, mood and occasion.

Behind each scent, hours of work and research have gone into the development to make sure we fulfil our promise of quality and affordability.

To bring our customers unique perfumes that are designed to empower the wearer, and impress anyone she should meet!




The revolutionary material for your communication needs.

The natural material can be placed on any type of signage or advertisement support at the point of sale : Shelves, hard surfaces, walls, office & shop windows.

Leaving no glue residue when removing,
water resistant, no chemicals, no residues,
does not scratch and does not tear and reusable.



Safe Sea – Coral & Marine environmental friendly sunscreen.
Sunscreens are widely used in natural marine parks. Some scientific reports have raised concerns that sunscreens can impact the coral reef. To overcome any doubt regarding the influence of Safe Sea on Coral reef, Fish or the marine environment, Safe Sea was developed as a total waterproof formula.
Swimmers that are wearing Safe Sea can be guarantee of total benefits of sun and Jellyfish sting protection without releasing active or non-active compounds to the marine environment.
The effect of Safe Sea on the marine environments includes the following tests:

1. Safe Sea water-resistance behavior
2. Safe Sea active ingredients retention after long water submersion
3. In vivo testing of fish behavior in water exposed to Safe Sea



Cooperation with our suppliers and customers is a process of systematic exchange of knowledge and solutions.

Qualified Unimar SA team provides a smooth flow of information about the offer and the execution of the order.

We buy products that meet the highest quality requirements. As a professional trading company that is keen to stay nimble and in-step with our markets’ changing demands, Unimar SA is ready to communicate with customers and potential customers regarding import and export opportunities.


Frequently utilized by most of our clients, this service has been essential to success on many occasions.

When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team. Let us know how we can assist you today.


By following Unimar SA customers key requirement – the right quality at the right time – every day we make sure that we operate properly.

Our long-standing logistics expertise enable us to deliver raw materials to our customers on-site and on-time reliable and proven logistic partners.

Unimar SA are comprehensive, including warehousing of goods, as well as road, rail, sea and intermodal transporting solutions.


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